Puppies for Sale

2022 Puppies for Sale


Beginning March 1, 2022, the price for pups sired by Scotty will increase to $1,000. 

NOTICE: If you are wanting to go on and reserve a pup sired by Scotty and make your deposit prior to Feb. 28, 2022, you can still get the pup for $800. If you plan on getting a pup sired by Scotty, it’s best to go on and send your deposit immediately.

 Pups sired by Rex or Bubba Gump will remain priced at $800.00.

 Liter available now:

We have a liter now that will be ready to go in early March. The pups are sired by Rex and the dame is Lucy Lou. Both male and female pups are presently available. Call now to reserve your pup and send your deposit.

 Upcoming March liters:

A liter due mid-March that is sired by Scotty and the female is Rita, a liter mate/sister to our stud Rex. This match promises quality hunting dogs.

 Another liter is due late-March. Sired by Scotty with the dame being Black Magic Woman. These pups are sure to go fast given the bloodlines, beautify form and characteristics of both the sire and the dame.

Choose your puppy.

We’ll keep you updated on the puppies available here, so bookmark this page!



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve a puppy?

Select the puppy you are interested in buying. For detailed information about how to reserve and pay for your puppy, click here.


Can you tell how many puppies the dame will have?

Not until they are born.


Will you know how many males and females in a litter?

Nope, not until they are born.


What have they been eating before I pick them up?

OHK feeds Purina Pro Plan.


How can I be sure I will get the puppy I want?

Payment though PayPal will ensure that your selection is reserved just for you.


How do you know at birth what color puppies will be?

We can determine color right at birth by the pads and color on their feet. Roan pups will have dark pads and liver and white will have pink. Typically we have liver and roan pups, liver and white pups, black and white and black and roan.


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